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The University of Utah S.J.Quinney College of Law welcomes distinguished scholar and Lebanese presidential candidate Chibli Mallat
Only a change in the presidency could have offered a chance for Lebanon to avoid the inexorable descent into regional, now international, drama. Two windows of opportunity opened up to this sine qua non condition – presidential change -- , in March 2005 and February 2006, but they were missed. The deadlock exacts every time more difficulties and complications preventing any fresh start with a leadership that does not belong to the Ancien Régime. As a matter of policy, the more intractable the difficulties, the more strenuous the effort to set things right, and the many regional flashpoints of doom and gloom are rendering meaningful change ever more intractable.
تكفي مصادقة لبنان على معاهدة روما لرفع جميع الحصانات المرتبطة بمراكز رسمية، إلا أن ملخص. السؤال الأهم يتمثل بالتناقض الناتج عن مبدأ ’التكامل‘ أو ’الإستدراك‘ المقرّ في المعاهدة، والذي يتيح للمحكمة الجنائية الدولية محاكمة المتهم إذا تأخرت الدولة التي صادقت على المعاهدة أن تقوم بواجباتها. النص الكامل بالفرنسية.
ملخص تكفي مصادقة لبنان على معاهدة روما لرفع جميع الحصانات المرتبطة بمراكز رسمية، إلا أن السؤال الأهم يتمثل بالتناقض الناتج عن مبدأ ’التكامل‘ أو ’الإستدراك‘ complementarity المقرّ في المعاهدة، والذي يتيح للمحكمة الجنائية الدولية محاكمة المتهم إذا تأخرت الدولة التي صادقت على المعاهدة أن تقوم بواجباتها.
النص الكامل بالفرنسية
تلبية لدعوة وجهتها جمعية عطاؤنا، حاضر المرشح شبلي ملاط بحضور حشد من المواطنين، على هامش معرض الكتاب في معرض رشيد كرامي الدولي في طرابلس حول "من قرأ حُجَّ على من لم يقرأ"
Le Candidat Présidentiel Chibli Mallat invité par les anciens de Jamhour
BBC World will be broadcasting the latest Doha Debate on May 13th and 14th at the following times. Watch and see how Qatar is changing the rules of public discourse in the Arab world.
Saturday May 13th - 12:10 and repeated at 19:10 Sunday May 14th - 07:10 and repeated at 17:10
Beirut Time:
Saturday May 13th - 15:10 and repeated at 22:10 Sunday May 14th - 10:10 and repeated at 20:10
The broadcast will be of the April 25th Doha Debate. The motion is "This House believes it is time for the Arab League to disband " and the debate will be recorded in front of a live audience at the Qatar Foundation's headquarters at Education City.
Catch the Doha Debates on BBC World!
ملاط: على من يطمح الى الرئاسة أن يقدم ترشيحه علنا وليس في الكواليس الترويكا جعلت حصة المسيحيين الثلث ولا يجوز لبري تسمية وزراء في نظام فصل السلطات
At the invitation of the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of the Johns Hopkins University, Candidate Mallat spoke about “The Middle East in the Shape of the Cedar Revolution” in front of faculty, students and the press. The event, organized by the International Law and Organization Program at SAIS, was an opportunity for Mallat to dissect Lebanese politics and explain how the non-violent revolution of the past year may affect the spread of democracy in the region.
ملاط يشارك في ندوة حوار حول كتاب أميركا والعالم لغسان سلامة في المهرجان اللبناني للكتاب في انطلياس
تحدث شبلي الملاط عن "الموقف المسؤول" من الولايات المتحدة، فقال، "نحن غير قادرين على صنع القرار في الولايات المتحدة وعلينا التعامل مع هذا الواقع من باب المساهمة".
الرئاسة اللبنانية وعروبة المستقبل عنوان المحاضرة التي ألقاها المرشح شبلي ملاط في مركز رشيد كرامي الثقافي البلدي في طرابلس، بدعوة من <المركز اللبناني للاعلام>، وبحضور النواب: مصباح الأحدب، سمير الجسر، مصطفى علوش، عزام دندشي وشخصيات سياسية وإجتماعية.
استضاف المركز العربي لحكم القانوني والنزاهة البروفسور شبلي الملاط محاضراً حول "دولة القانون في ثياب رئاسة جديدة".
Paris, en route to Beirut. Upon the invitation of Professor Christian Philip, Lyon MP and vice-chair of the National Assembly's Committee on Foreign Relations, Mallat addressed a small session of the Groupe d'Amitie France-Liban at the National Assembly in Paris on November 23. He then met with leading members of the French press.
In Mallat’s talk to an expert group of Princeton professors and students, a projection of the Lebanese Cedar Revolution was sketched as 'a first essay on what happened in 2005' in the light of the historiography of the French 1789 Revolution some two hundred years later.
At the International Rule of Law Symposium convened by the American Bar Association, Mallat presented views on how to improve the rule of law in the region.
Greek revival: High style in Athens
Monday, 26 February 2007 14:11
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Pakistan and Lebanon, the same struggle
The Daily Star
The assassination last week of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was the latest tragic expression of a sour reality that characterizes the Middle East and its broader geopolitical orbit: In the absence of democracy (meaning regular change at the top by means of free and fair elections), political violence is a certainty.


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Chipli Mallat
Monday, 26 February 2007 14:11
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الملاط يدعو الى التئام المجلس النيابي لدرء «تصاعد الحالة العراقية»
كرّر المرشح الرئاسي شبلي الملاط نداءه المتصل لإبقاء الجيش خارج المشادات الداخلية، ولاستعادة المجلس النيابي دوره لمنع انحدار الشارع الى الفتنة. وكان الملاط ركّز على خشيته من تطور الحالة الداخلية على النسق
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11 02 2008
Monday, 26 February 2007 14:11
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Vindicating February 14: Lebanon's wake-up call for truth and democracy
The Daily Star
Three years after we marched, together with half of the country's population, to ask for the truth in former Premier Rafik Hariri's assassination, the crime commandeers are still at large. Other than a number of second-rate generals who have been rotting in prison without a trial, as would be their right under universal human rights standards, the investigation has yet to respond to a universal demand for truth and justice. Transforming the breakthrough for Israelis and Palestinians in Annapolis
The Daily Star
On the evening of President George W. Bush's election for a second term on November 2, 2004, I was the host of celebrated Arab TV journalist Marcel Ghanem. More important was the presence of a State department spokesman, who expressed the Bush administration's full support to a Palestinian state.
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Chipli Mallat
Thursday, 19 August 2004 20:11
Lebanese presidential candidate Mallat joins law colleagues in requesting immediate restoration of Chief Justice Chaudhry and rule of law in Pakistan
Lebanese Presidential candidate joined distinguished colleagues in congratulating the peoples and leader of Pakistan in their signal victory in parliamentary elections. "It is important", added Mallat, "for the massive parliamentary majority to undo the coerced extension of the presidency of Pervez Musharraf, and if necessary bring him to judicial account for the violation of basic freedoms, and for his Emuile Lahoud-style responsibility in the death of Benazir Bhutto and the curtailing of the democratic political process since his access to power in 1999".



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